Venetian Blind Fitting Churwell

Venetian Blind Fitting Churwell

A customer contacted me to fit two Venetian blinds in Churwell.  Venetian Blinds in ChurwellI visited to assess the job whilst I was in the area working on another job.  I’m glad I did because they were too big for the window.  We therefore re-scheduled my “fitting visit” after she had exchanged the blinds for those of the correct size.  I measured them and informed her what size was required.

Fixings are critical

The fixings are critical with this type of job because each time you open or close the blinds you put pressure on them.  A not so good fixing can leave you holding a bit of string, and a blind on the floor, or worse still, on your head.  It’s not as easy as simply putting a screw in the wall.  If you want the blinds to be in the recess, then you have to put the fixings within the recess.

Steel Lintel in a modern house.

So, it’s not just a case of getting out your favourite hammer drill.  Putting a hole in the wall, and a plug and a screw.  As soon as you drill into the recess you come up against the steel lintel.  You then have two choices.  You could use a long self drilling self tapping screw, which is a good choice, or alternatively, change the drill for a sharp steel drill bit, and drill through the lintel too.  Your plug will then form a rally strong fixing.

My Blinds of choice

The venetian and vertical blinds offered by direct blinds of Huddersfield are second to none.  They come in a great choice of colours, styles, and are a fitters dream.  One good fixing on each bracket which simply clicks in, you can take them down to clean them.  Unlike the cheaper alternatives which are a permanent fixture.

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