TV Hanging Morley

Once upon a time, the TV was a square box, and lived in the corner of the living room, but not anymore.  TV has come of age, and it should be pride of place in any modern home.  The home cinema has finally arrived.

Wall dug out, and pipe fitted to take the wiring.

Wall dug out.

The remit was to have no wires showing whatsoever, but, a tube fitting so that any future changes could be accommodated for.  New blue ray player, or PS4, no problem.  Simply drag the new wires through the tube, and Bob's your favourite fathers sibling. 

Bracket fitted to the wall with Rawlbolts.  This is not coming off any time soon.

Brackets fitted. 

The brackets for the TV have been secured with heavy duty Rawlbolts.  You can see in the above image, the outlet for the cabling, behind the TV and also to the left, behind the unit. 

The finished item.  55 inch plasma TV, now a home cinema

TV Hanging Morley – Finished.

No wires showing, it now looks like it's always been there, and if you ever want to add a new box, simply use the draw cable (left in the tube) to pull the new wires through.

What wiring?  

I'm no plasterer.

Plastering is not something I would normally take on, but rather than get a plasterer in for such a small job, I plastered this up myself, and although it's not a job I am very quick at, I am proud of the result.  Zoom in to the picture, you can't tell I've been there. 

It's not cheap.

Doing the job right is never cheap.  But I will guarantee that it won't fall off the wall.  

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