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Tiling Morley

Are you looking for Tiling doing in Morley, Driglington, Gildersome, Ardsley

Tiling Morley


or the surrounding areas?


Then you have come to the right place.

No Slithers Here

One thing I always cringe at when I see a clear DIY tiling job is the “slither”.  What do I mean by that?  It is when the person doing the tiling hasn’t measured correctly, and has just started tiling “willy nilly” without putting some thought into the process.  Then they get to the end of the wall and have to cut a slither to fit the end gap.  A bit of thought and planning before making any cuts would have eliminated this problem, and would look much more professional to the trained eye.  You should never have to have a slither anywhere.  One exception being if a wall in an old property “bowed out” so much that it was inevitable.  Even then, you can start at this side to make the best of a bad room.

My Recommendation

I have visited many tile outlets around the Leeds area, but I keep going back to Al Murad in Morley.  They offer a price match guarantee and have the greatest choice in the area.  They are really helpful and don’t charge a fortune.  They really do have some wonderful tiles in their showroom.  Situated just off the A650 at the Howley Park industrial estate, easy to get to for anyone in Morley.

Large or Small?

So, what do you choose?  Large or small tiles?  Personally, I say large, every time.  The reason for that is because the only thing that really makes tiling look tired is the grouting gets shabby, so the reason for choosing bigger tiles means less grout.  I would also recommend “coloured” grout too.  One that matches or completely contrasts the tiles.  This doesn’t get shabby like white grout does.  Something to bear in mind when choosing your bathroom.  Let’s face it, it’s better to get it right now.  You’ll be living with that room for a long time to come.

How much will it cost?

See my charges page for more information

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