My Charges

I charge £25.00 per hour and am under the VAT threshold, so no VAT.

I will look at the job and give you a fixed price quotation prior to taking on the work.  If it takes me longer than I anticipate, then that’s my own fault, and I won’t charge you for the extra time taken.


I charge a fixed price of £28.00 per square yard or part thereof.

When you take the measurements of your bathroom or kitchen, or whatever you want tiling into Al Murad, they will tell you exactly how many square yards of tiles you will need for the job.  Simply multiply that by 28 to see how much it will cost to have it tiled.  That is for “tiling only” it does not include any materials, I.E. adhesive, grout etc.

Small Jobs

Changing locks, fitting a blind / curtain, repairing a small leak etc…. small jobs that take me “no time” to fix….that’s  an hour’s labour.  Why? Because quite simply, by the time I’ve taken the call, got my tools together, and driven to your house, and back again, it’s an hour of my time.  I don’t do this for fun, it’s my living, and if you don’t want to pay me an hour to do these jobs, please feel free to go elsewhere.