Loose Leaking Toilet Morley

Leaking Toilet Morley

A customer contacted me with a leaking toilet in Morley that was loose on it’s fitting.

Modern Designs

It was one of the newest of designs, fitted in a modern unit.  Which was a very nice looking unit.  Leaking Toilet Morley

It turned out that the fixings that invisibly held the toilet down had broken, which made it loose when you sat on it, and this had caused the leak from the seal at the back, so every time you flushed the toilet, clean water leaked out onto the “fortunately” tiled floor.

A trip to the local suppliers

So, armed with the broken parts, I set off to the local suppliers, which, being in Morley is Handyman Supplies this turned out to be unfruitful.  I then went to Al Murad where the unit had been purchased from.

Still no luck, so I then went to Mak-A-Home in Tingley, my thinking being, if anyone has got such a thing, they will have.  But no.  Plan “A” was a none starter.

Plan “B” to the rescue.

So, with plan a out of the window, and not much room to work with ( I couldn’t replace the brackets with a block of wood for example ) I made brackets out of galvanised steel that I had lying about in my garage at home.  I welded on a couple of 6mm nuts to take the screws that were to hold down the toilet.

Total Time

So, Leaking toilet Morley, how long did it take me for the job?  Total time 2 hours.  This was one of those jobs that I thought would be done in about half an hour.  It was a bit of a learning experience about the modern toilets and the units.  I never thought that the securing mechanism would be so flimsy.  When I get a spare minute, I’ll have to make up another couple of metal brackets should I ever have this problem again.

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