Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring.

Are you looking for laminate flooring fitting in Morley, Gildersome, Batley, Ardsley, Leeds or Wakefield, then you have come to the right place.


First invented by Swedish company Perstorp now part of Mohawk Industries in 1977 and was sold under the brand name Pergo, and was first sold in Europe in 1984.

Laminate FlooringGlueless Laminate Flooring

This type of flooring was invented in 1996 by the Swedish company Välinge Aluminium and was distributed as Alloc and Fiboloc.  A system of holding flooring panels together was also developed at the same time by Unilin from Belgium in 1997 and distributed as Quick-Step flooring.  Both companies have had many legal battles, but most glueless locking flooring is now made under license from either company.

Remove the skirting boards

A small gap is needed where the flooring fits up to a immovable object, I.E. Walls, Kitchen cupboards etc, to allow for expansion.   The usual way of doing so, is to leave the gap, and a small quarter profile beading trim fitted.  In my honest opinion, this looks “amateur” and certainly not something I would want in my home.  Removing the skirting boards, and replacing them with new, matching the flooring is a much better way to go.  Turning the job from OK, to fabulous.

Internal Door Frames.

The internal door frames are cut for the flooring to go under.  A much neater job than trying to cut the flooring accurately with a jigsaw.  Something that you can never get “quite right”  The professional way to do it it by cutting the door frame and slotting the laminate flooring underneath.

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