Kitchen Fitting Morley

Kitchen Fitting Morley.

Kitchen Fitting Morley, one of my favourite jobs.  Why, quite simply, there is nothing like a new kitchen that you have dreamed of becoming a reality.  Think you can’t afford it?   Well now you can.  Why?  Because I deal direct with a manufacturer, who deliver the units fully assembled, which means all I have to do is to fit them into place.  This saves fitting time, let’s face it, putting flat pack units together could take a full day.  That’s before you do any fitting.  Then there’s always that “missing” piece of wood, which adds extra hassle to get it replaced.  With fully fitted units that are 19mm not the usual 15mm you get from the big sheds, you simply can’t go wrong.  The quality from Ultima is second to none, and cheaper than the sheds.

Manufacturers Recommended

I recommend Ultima Kitchens.  They are a local manufacturer and the quality is second to none.  Download their full brochure here.

Your choice

Would you like real oak, a shaker style?  You choose the units and the worktops to suit your individual style.  Some of the units are available with curved doors so, if you would like a breakfast bar, with curved cupboards underneath then go for it.  Your dream kitchen is there for a long time.   Would you like Granite worktops, then these kitchens are more than up for the weight of the Granite.  Don’t believe me?  You are welcome to come and see my own kitchen which has Black Granite worktops.  Just to be clear, I do not install Granite Worktops, it is a specialist subject in itself.  We specialise in the Kitchen Fitting Morley which includes the plumbing, and Tiling with whatever tiles you choose.

One customer one job

Unlike some other tradesmen, I won’t disappear off to look at another job, instead of completing yours.  There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to have a half fitted kitchen, not able to even boil a kettle, never mind cooking anything, and the fitter is not there.  He’s come up with some excuse and leaves you high and dry whilst looking at other work.

Small Kitchen?

There are lots of small kitchens in Morley, but that doesn’t mean that you have to Dream Kitchen Morleycompromise on storage, this Le Mans style corner cupboard is in my own kitchen, and is ideal to make the most of corner units.  The unit slides right out of the corner cupboard as you can see in the diagram.  As stated, you are welcome to see this unit in operation in my own kitchen.

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