Picture Hanging Morley

Let's say, you want to put some pictures up.  But you have three pictures in total and want them setting up in the following way. 

  • Two pictures the same size at the same height
  • At the same distance from the wall edges both sides
  • Centre picture in the middle, both horizontally and vertically

Then, look no further than the Morley Handyman.  I have a self leveling laser level which makes the job easy and extremely accurate.   

Fortunately for me, this is a solid built house, and all of the walls were solid.  This makes for a really solid fixing, and the type of wall you would have every confidence hanging a television from.

Picture hanging Morley, and Television Hanging Morley are two totally different things.  Not only is there the sheer weight of a television to consider, there is the leverage caused by the brackets themselves.  Picture hanging morley simply requires one good fixing, although, it still needs to be placed in the right place.   A television on the other hand needs at least two very good fixings.  

Picture Hanging Morley – Wall types

Image result for Wall Plug and screw

The type of wall will dictate the type of fixing that is used. For a solid brick wall for example a standard plug and screw will suffice.  Firstly, the hole is drilled into the wall with a suitable masonry bit. The plug is placed into the wall slightly below the surface.  As the screw is fastened into the plug, it expands the plug as you can see in the image on the right which then literally grabs the wall it is fastening to.  OK for a picture, but when it comes to hanging a television on this type of wall is a completely different thing.    Unfortunately, this type of fixing is not strong enough to hold a television to the wall.  


These are the type of fixing required for holding a television to the wall.  As you can see, for a start they are much bigger.  Steel is the squeezing force against the masonry and they literally can't come out without pulling half the wall down. 

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