Garage Door Repairs Morley

Garage Door Wouldn’t Close

The door was “off it’s rocker”, quite literally.

Customer in Morley called with a garage door that wouldn’t close.

Garage Door Repairs MorleyIt wasn’t quite as bad as the one pictured here, but unfortunately I didn’t have my phone with me at the time, so couldn’t take a picture.

Springs and pulleys

The physical weight of the garage door was compensated for by a coil spring at the top, which was tensioned by pulleys as the door came down.  It was a single spring and the pulleys opposed each other to put tension on the spring.  In other words, one went clockwise and the other one went anti-clockwise.  Both units putting more and more strain on the spring.

Cables like a cheese cutter.

Unfortunately for me, the cables that put the door under tension were so thin, they were like a cheese cutter you get on Market Street in Morrisons.  It tried it’s best to cut my fingers off, as it had unravelled itself from the pulley.  Fixing it was a matter of putting the tension back on and replacing the cable.  Easier said than done, but I’m not a bloke that’s about to be beaten by such a mechanism.

Rail Not Hitting the Roller

The other issue was that that rail had been set too wide at installation.  The roller enabled the door to move sideways as it was closed.  Not something that was conducive to long term reliability.  So, I informed the customer, if it comes off again, I will have to move the rail so that it stays in contact with the roller all the time.

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