Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Morley

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Morley.

A customer called me from Morley asking if I do flat pack furniture assembly.

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

I replied of course, and asked what type of furniture it was.  He informed me that it was 9 unit shelf set he had bought from Argos and would send me a link to the item on the Argos website.  I then took the liberty to download the PDF of the unit so that I could do my homework prior to visiting.

Amazed at the size

Looking at the picture of it here, you would think that it was about 12 inches x 12 inches.  When in actual fact, each of the cubes was almost 13 inches, and the flat pack furniture assembly was somewhat bigger than anticipated.

An hour agreed

I had already agreed just an hours labour to put this together, and there was no way I was going back on my word, simply because of the physical size of the unit.  But I am glad that the customer was present as I put it together because it took two of us to hold it in place as I fastened it all together.

Unhappy Mum 😉

My customer was very happy with the unit and the price quoted for putting it together, however, here’s the fly in the ointment.  It turns out that his mum had promised him her vinyl record collection, just as soon as he had somewhere to put it.  Well this unit is absolutely perfect for albums and 12 inch singles.

Are you planning a purchase?

If so, and are looking for flat pack furniture assembly in Morley, Driglington, Gildersome, Ardsley or the surrounding areas, then please feel free to give me a call.  I learned something too from this job.  It would be nice if you were able to send me a link to the item on the internet so that I can do my homework before tackling the job.  It is much better to be informed before hand, not only will it make the assembly much smoother, it will also allow me to double check the tools required, and will save me bringing unnecessary equipment with me.


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