Fencing Morley

Fencing Morley

Fencing Morley, Gildersome, Tingley, Ardsley, Driglington, Leeds or Wakefield areas?  Then if so, you’ve come to the right place.  Fencing is one of the Morley Handyman’s specialities.

My Recommendation

Concrete posts for Fencing Morley, Why, quite simply they are strong, and given that Morley is supposedly built on 7 hills, it can get pretty windy up here.  Well fitted concrete posts will stand the test of time, and once the fencing does give up the ghost, it’s simply a matter of lifting out the old panel, and replacing it with a new one.  We recommend you get the concrete fence posts from Procter Fencing Materials in Garforth.  They are the manufacturer and the quality is superb, and thankfully, they deliver to Morley and the surrounding area.  Not something you want to put into the boot of your car.

Bespoke Gate

As you can see from the image.  We needed a gate to fit in place, but because of the size, it wasn’t simply a matter Fencing Morleyof buying one in.  I made this one to fit.  Please note the attention to detail on the cross piece and top cut.  All were cut with a hand saw, and it fitted first time. As for the fence panels themselves, my recommendation is as in the decking pages is estate sawmills of Bradford, they have a great range and all is tanalised for longer life.

How much?

Fencing Morley, how much?  Please give me a call on the above number for a no obligation quotation.  As each job is individual.  Some fencing is easier than others.  For example, on the job shown in this image, we had to replace a couple of panels on the fence at the other side of the garden, but the neighbours wouldn’t go half with my customer, so we had to repair what was there.  This proved even more difficult than fitting the new fence at the other side.  Purely because we had old concrete to remove, which was somewhat difficult.  The new fence shown, on the other hand was fitted in fresh holes. Working from the house out, instead of the other way round.

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