Dripping Tap Morley

Dripping Tap Morley

I know how annoying it is when a tap is constantly dripping.  So, I got my plumbing bag together to

Dripping Tap Morley

visit a customer in Morley with a kitchen tap that was driving her insane.

I took a look at the tap and it was the one pictured here on the right.

Combi Boiler

The customer had a combi boiler (the type that heats the water up instantly and doesn’t have a tank upstairs) and this meant that the hot water was under pressure as much as the cold.  This meant that it could be either ceramic washer in the hot or cold that could be leaking.  On the other type of system it’s normally the cold that would drip.

Turn off the water at the mains

So, with the water turned off at the mains, just a simple job of taking out the ceramic inserts, go to the shop for replacements, swap them out, and bobs your uncle.  First try, Handyman’s supplies, followed by Mak-a-Home, no joy.  She had bought the taps from B&Q so they were bound to have the parts.  NO

No parts available anywhere

I even got the model number of the tap and did a search online.   I couldn’t find any anywhere.  Both me and the customer were flabbergasted.   So, I had to put the tap back together, I swapped the ceramics around to see if it made any difference.  It did, slightly, but the drip hadn’t stopped. Dripping Tap Morley I then returned a week later to fit the new tap that the customer had purchased.  Thankfully for her it was one that had normal taps on it like the one pictured here on the left.  These have standard rubber washers inside to make a seal.  Something that are as cheap as chips to replace should you ever need to.




    • Margaret on 10/09/2017 at 19:30
    • Reply

    Thanks Vince.

    I liked the look of the original tap when I bought it, wish I hadn’t now.

    Thanks for sorting it quickly for me. The dripping was driving me nutts.

  1. No problem Margaret.

    It’s logged in those little grey cells. When anyone asks me to fix a dripping tap again, I’ll get them to send me a picture of the offending tap before looking at it.

    Kind Regards

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